(your reserved hideout)

yeoubi's 220g-sized candles provide a stable scent throw in a closed and breathable area of 70-100 m2. the size generally lasts for 55-60 burning hours. both elements can vary based on specific temperatures or other conditions of the surrounding environment.

however, the finest is always what your personal preference is. try it out and find your pick!

( ) beware of the flammable objects around you
( ) take a single matchstick out, grasp it firmly and place its head against one end of the striker
( ) fold the lid in or not, it works either way
( ) firmly and quickly drag the match head alongthe striker
( ) point the fire into the double layered part of the wick for a few seconds to light it up
( ) shake the matchstick to extinguish the flame

yeoubi’s matchsticks are designed to be thick, solid in your fingers for a firm hold, and to be able to carry the flame for a slightly longer period for your convenience.
nevertheless, don’t play with fire.

while our crackling wooden wick promises to leave no black smoke and odor, blowing out a candle is better avoided.

you can always use your candle snuffer to extinguish the fire. for special lines of ours that contain a cotton wick, it is also suitable to use a wick dipper or tweezer to take off the debris on the tip and dip it into the wax pool.

yet, our suggested way requires no extra tool: put the lid lightly on top of the can, covering 60-70% of the opened area, and the fire will go off in just seconds. at the same time:

( ) please do not seal the lid in too tightly. the closed environment may affect the scent's quality and create a vacuum seal that makes it hard to take off the lid later

( ) this method is recommended for specified product lines from yeoubi only; not all lid materials are suitable for extinguishing the fire

light and sturdy, yeoubi’s tin can is always ready for recycling.

( ) pour boiling hot water into the can, let the remaining wax melt and float to the surface

( ) after the wax hardens on the top, use a spoon/tweezer to take out pieces of wax

( ) drain the can

( ) wipe off the excess wax on the wall

( ) wash and rinse, if needed

we do not recommend using the recycled cans for storing food as they are not food-grade. if uncertainty arises, you can always bring the cans to your local recycling center for a purposeful reprocess.

it takes quite a few decisions to create the products that both you and we love. among many options, here are our picks:

( ) 25% recycled tin can that you can hold lightly and firmly, and recycle fully

( ) non-toxic and clean-burning soy wax that can balance between chemical-free fragrance holding ability and sustainability

( ) pure natural made-in-vietnam essential oils that are ethically-sourced, cruelty-free, and biodegradable

( ) double-ply wooden wicks that are hand-made from fsc-certified wood in the u.s. for an eco-friendly, no-smoke burning, the efficiently aided vegetable wax melting, and a great ambience boosting

( ) adding progressively recycled materials into our labels and packaging

we make conscious choices pondering the overall effects they have on both users' health and the environment, besides the aromatic and aesthetic results.

making eco-friendly sustainable candles and not falling into the “greenwashing” trap is yeoubi’s ongoing challenge. you have our words that our team always keeps in mind your and mother earth’s health while creating our products and services. we aim to thrive as a more and more sustainable brand everyday, with your companion.