(your reserved hideout)

(the very first words...)

as a young introvert living in a hectic city, the founder has soon come to realize the unruly nature of our modern days. each of us would at least struggle once to find the balance between having a socially bustling life and securing a calming, personal zone for self-composure. most of the time, it is because we are too busy running after what we think we should be, while forgetting to nurture who we really are.

taking this struggle under an introspective point of view, the founder has committed to create a pit stop for souls to slow down and amble through life instead of rushing through it.

(where it makes sense...)

the term comes from a korean folktale that says there is a cloud crying on the day the love of its life, a fox, gets married to a tiger. its sad tears fall down to the earth on that sunny day and quickly stop, because soon the cloud realizes how much it wants the fox to be happy and have a bright future, even without its presence in it. and so, the rain that briefly comes and goes when the sun is still shining is called fox rain, sunshower, or yeoubi.

yeoubi thus portrays a selfless love, in which we put the desires of someone else ahead of ours. but, what if that someone else is no one other than our own? how happy it would be when we lay an ultimate love on ourselves, with which we can freely let go in times of distress and let the teardrops fall without holding back, while keeping our sunshine stay as always.

(when everything comes in...)

putting the pieces together, the founder has established a wholly healing experience through a one-stop destination that can bring contentment upon both sensory demands and inner self nourishment, and named it yeoubi.

here at yeoubi, we dedicate the divine essence of everyday life's ups and downs into our crafts. our creations are meticulously infused with ingredients of the highest quality that can guarantee euphoria to your senses. we aim to create a tranquil yet indulging hideout for any wandering souls, regardless of whether it’s the beauty or composure they are looking for.

beyond helping individuals relocate their inner peace through our sensual offerings, what we truly want to pursue is to bring out the genuine satisfaction whenever you associate yourself with yeoubi.

at times, when in need of self-complacency or simply a spot to tuck oneself, come to us, yeoubi - your reserved hideout.