(your reserved hideout)
candle care
candle care

(you cannot practice self-love
if you cannot take care of what you love)

(trim off the irrelevance)

for a clean,
smoke-free burn,
trim wick to 5mm
before each lighting.

you sit your piece,
watch out the surface,
for a fulfilled inner peace.

(set flame, not self-blame)

be mindful
on that first light.
at least 2-hour-meltdown
to avoid tunneling.

always good times,
not long time.
4 hours at max.
don’t let the burns go on.

(repurpose what’s yours)

don’t hold on to
what’s left.
when remain 1cm of wax,
upcycle the can.

remove the remaining,
frozen it,
pop wax out.

(do's & dont's)

( ) burn within sight.

( ) place on areas that are even and heat-resistant underneath, and unobstructed all around.

( ) keep away from children, beloved pets & flammables.

( ) beware of hot surfaces while lighting & burning.

( ) never touch or move your candle while liquefied wax or flame is visible.

( ) avoid putting foreign objects into the wax pool for fire safety and wax quality.

( ) to extinguish the candle, simply set the lid on top of its jar. no pressing down or further securing is needed. blowing out is not recommended.